PRICE: $150.00 per domain

Optional: Management of your Google Apps account $25.00/month

If you need a Google Apps account created for personal use, we can easily set it up, configure it, and get it fully live for you.


Google Apps is made up of:

- Google Mail "Gmail"
- Google Calendar
- Google Docs
- Google Groups
- Google Sites
- Google Video

Combining Google Apps with your personal domain is a great way for independent professionals to add a level of professionalism that is hard to get when you have a generic email address that ends in ''

For example, if you owned an independent web design operation called "Rocky Mountain Web Design" and you also owned the website, setting up a Google Apps account with your website domain would allow you to use email addresses like instead of

This service is for personal users, and independent businesses of one person. If you have a larger organization or business we can set up Google Apps for you too! Check out our Business section for info and pricing for you here!


*Non Profits who need a Google Apps account created for your organization can save 25% on this price.