Data Backup

Price: $90.00

Don't know how to backup your data? Worried you will lose a lot of important information if your computers crash? We'll help you back everything up so you have a solution to rely on should your computer fail, become damaged, or fall into the wrong hands.

You choose the backup medium or let us suggest one for you, and we'll make sure all of your information gets backed up for safe keeping.

Cloud Data Backup

$100.00 - Installation and Configuration
$25.00 - Future Support and Management Requests

To get your data more effectively backed up in real time, we offer installation, configuration, and support using cloud backup software on your computers and consulting guidance to help you backup and save your tablet and smartphone data in reliable cloud sources as well. With recommendations for a number of cloud backup options based on experience and features that will fit your specific need the most directly we can get your data safely encrypted and saved in the cloud should the unexpected happen.