Utilizing the latest in antivirus and spyware protection technology, your computers will be protected, scanned, and updated for protection from infection at all times.

Our remote system allows us to monitor the state of each of your computers and whether or not:

a) Your computer has the latest virus and spyware protection definitions

b) When the last time your computers were scanned for infection

c) Anytime an infection is found on one or more of your computers

d) If an infection is found, we can initiate the scan and cleaning process remotely, and then verify that the infection has been removed upon completion.


For many of our clients, they don't even know one of their computers picked up a virus until we send them an email stating that we cleaned an infection from their system!

If you are a person who worries about the security of your computers, our Dynamic Antivirus service adds a layer of protection that will help you focus on your tasks at hand.

Pricing: Please contact us to request a quote. Every situation is different and we want to provide the best price for you while providing this great protection.