Computer Theft Protection and Location Tracking

Using state of the art software protection systems, we prepare your computers, tablets, and smartphones so they can help you and the authorities find them in the event one or more of your devices are stolen.

With the ability to provide detailed location information as well as capture personally identifiable information about the perpetrator, our service gives you a much greater chance of recovering your equipment and the information those devices contain.

For those with a lot of hardware in the field we can also provide real time tracking info so you know where your staff is based on their phone and computer locations.


Installation of theft deterrent software: $25 per computer/device


Monitored Location Tracking and Theft Protection:

Installation - $25 per computer/device

Monthly Service Fee: $50.00 - up to 10 computers

Monthly Service Fee: $100.00 - up to 20 computers

Monthly Service Fee: $200.00 - up to 50 computers

For those who are more concerned with the location of their equipment at all times, as well as a much more robust tracking system when a theft does occur, our Monitored Program is for you! Track every computer in your office, with the ability to check their locations at any time! The number of uses for this service are kaleidoscopic!

Should a theft occur, our team immediately goes to work collecting location and identification information of the thief to pass on to you and to the authorities in your area.

Need to make sure your old system didn't get snagged by an employee who swears they don't know where it went? Need to make sure an employee isn't using company computers at home at night? Get tracking and monitoring ability all in one!