Monthly Tech Support Plans

Our Dedicated Support packages are designed to allow you to utilize our services without having to think about the cost. Pay a flat amount each month, based on the average amount of support you need, and rely on our expertise to keep your tech running at full speed.

Support for the big issues like viruses, updates, software issues, data backup, and the small issues like helping your staff learn how to use their computers more effectively one question at a time. 


Tech Support Packages Include:

Mac and PC Workstations
Desktops and Laptops
Antivirus and Malware Protection
Data Backup Processes
Server Support
Answer Questions Both Large and Small


LEVEL 1: $200 per month: Up to 10 hours of tech support per month.

LEVEL 2: $500 per month: Up to 20 hours of tech support per month.

LEVEL 3: $900 per month: Up to 40 hours of tech support per month.

UNLIMITED: $1200 per month: Unlimited access to our dedicated team of tech support experts!

We're happy to design a custom solution for you so if you don't see a package listed below that meets your needs just send us a message!

*The hours per month are not a hard and fast limit. If you go over the hourly limit one month it won't cut you off from support. We know that some months are more taxing with technology issues than others. You won't lose support when you need it most just because a specific number has been reached.