Google Chrome's next version moves at light speed

The next version of the Google Chrome browser is promising to deliver speeds not yet seen on the internet. Page loading and surfing across the web is truly going to change if they deliver what the beta is currently offering. If this turns out to be true, Firefox, IE, and Opera are in trouble. If consumers can use a browser that truly cuts their wait time for page loading down by a very significant amount, many of them will switch in a heartbeat.

The sleek, smooth interface is something to adjust to, but if you spend a bit of time with it you will find that its a wonderful, non-invasive way to browse the internet. Without all the clutter that other browsers set in your face at all time in the menus and around the pages you are looking at, Google Chrome sets itself apart with a very simple design.

This video gives a very creative look at the speed of their next browser version:

Cohesive Support is testing the beta version and will have a report soon.