win an ultimate computer tuneup for your pc or mac!

No more Viruses, Crashes, Blue Screens, or Slow Performance!

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The winner of this current giveaway will be chosen at random from all entrants on October 8th. Winner will be notified by email from You may receive an occasional email from us with tech tips, tech deals, and more. Your info is never shared with anyone. We only contact you with useful info, good deals, and important security notices so you can keep your tech running its best. Don't miss the additional special offers that will appear right after you click Submit!


At Cohesive Support we provide a full range of online tech support services to homes and businesses nationwide in all 50 States!
We perform this Ultimate Computer Tuneup for clients dozens of times every week.

Enter to win for your Home or Office computer!
PC and Mac users are both eligible to win!


One computer will receive our Ultimate Computer Tuneup service. Additional computers can be tuned up for 25% off the normal price if you schedule them at the same time as your winning service.

This content is eligible for anyone in the USA. Your computer just needs an active internet connection so we can remotely tune it up!

Ultimate Tuneup Service

  • Scan for and removal of any detected viruses, malware, and spyware.

  • Scan for any missing system updates, vulnerabilities, missing program updates, out of date programs and system features, and anything else that needs to be updated for the latest security and performance standards.

  • Configure your computer for optimal security and stability going forward using the latest in software and hardware configurations.

  • Optimize computer for maximum performance.

  • Configure system to help it better maintain its own security, stability, and performance.


  • Winner will notified by email from Winner has one week to reply to notifying email to claim prize. If you don’t reply another winner will be chosen at random and the giveaway will be awarded to them.

  • Winner for current giveaway entry period will be notified on or around October 8th. Cohesive Support reserves the right to notify at their discretion should something unexpected occur that requires our attention to provide for a fair and balanced outcome for all entrants.

  • This giveaway may not be combined with any other offers, discounts, specials, giveways or any offers from 3rd parties outside Cohesive Support.

  • Your computer must be able to access the internet. The tuneup process cannot occur if your computer is not online.

  • Prize may not be redeemed for cash, any form of credit to apply to a later service, or anything else. If you don’t use the free Ultimate Computer Tuneup giveaway it will be awarded to another randomly chosen giveaway entrant.

  • Giveaway for one computer only. If you want us to run our Ultimate Tuneup on more computers you can request this for 25% off our normal Ultimate Tuneup price.

  • This contest applies to PC and Mac computers (desktops and laptops only) and does not apply to servers, network stations, or any other type of system. 

  • No exceptions to these requirements. Cohesive Support reserves the right to revoke your winning entry and prize for any reason, including attempts to change or subvert the rules and giveaway.